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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a process in which companies and organization hand over work to outside vendor. Any work process which can be handled from outside location of the organization can be outsourced. Meaning if employee and staff can address your customers and clients needs via means other than a face to face encounter, can be outsourced. This process allows the organization to obtain high quality services at a low operational cost.

What industries do you work?

  • Content marketing. …
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping. …
  • Payroll services
  • Creative and Marketing
  • Scheduling and administrative tasks.
  • Medical assistant
  • Telenursing
  • Teleradiology and Telecardiology
  • And many more…..

Other FAQ questions in our site are not so relevant for just FYI/website. These are ones when theres an inquiry.

Why should I outsource if my employees are doing the job OK?

Of course, if you’re perfectly happy with the performance of your employees, there’s no compelling reason to consider outsourcing. But….

Is the time your employees spend on administrative and financial management tasks the best use of their time? Wouldn’t they be more effective dealing with sales and service issues?

Most businesses and organizations experience some level of turnover. What happens if your key person leaves tomorrow? Or takes maternity leave or gets called up to active duty in the military? Is recruiting and training a permanent or temporary replacement something you look forward to?

It’s easy to see if a salesperson is effective, but do you have a good understanding of the capability and effectiveness of your employees at administrative and financial management tasks? The people performing these tasks are seldom given much training and supervision is limited to “if it doesn’t appear to be broke, don’t fix it”. In administrative and financial management tasks this can lead to unpleasant surprises such as fraud losses and regulatory fines and sanctions that could even threaten the ongoing existence of the business or organization.

Why would a business or organization decide to outsource?

Here are some typical decision situations:

  • Resignation of a key employee – outsourcing avoids the recruitment/training effort
  • Employee dishonesty or fraud resulting in termination of employee
  • Business growth brings transaction volumes that existing staff can’t handle
  • Recognition that outsourcing can improve results (faster collection of receivables, higher level of vendor financing from effective management of payables, etc.)
  • Short-term need of an administrative or financial management business process to support a project, cover for maternity leave, illness or military service, business restructuring or location startup

Won't I ``lose control`` if I outsource?

Not at all. It’s your business and you make the decisions. We provide the information you need in order to make decisions. You actually enjoy increased control.

For example, our accounts payable service allows you to directly select the vendors to be paid, or to establish rules that we use to select the vendors to be paid. No disbursements are made without the authorization of you or your designate. Although we recommend establishing a weekly or biweekly cycle of payments to vendors, exceptions such as receiving goods COD are readily accommodated.

My company data is confidential. How could I outsource?

We treat all client data as confidential. We carry out background checks on our employees, each of whom signs a “terms of employment” document in which they pledge to maintain confidentiality in respect to client data. We restrict access to our premises and computer systems, and to data backup media. We shred all waste paper.

In most cases outsourcing actually increases confidentiality, as we are outside the “water cooler gossip” loop.

Is my business or organization too big or too small for outsourcing to work well?

We believe that outsourcing provides benefits to businesses and organizations whatever the size.

We have serviced clients with up to 180 employees in multiple locations. Obviously our capabilities and resources limit the volumes we can handle. For an engagement beyond our current capacity we would likely propose a phased implementation. If we do not feel we have the capability (human resources, industry knowledge) to provide quality service, we will not submit a proposal.

Even a one-person business can benefit from outsourcing. For the arrangement to work the owner must feel they can confidently delegate the process to us. Additionally, business processes have economies of scale, and where there are only a few transactions the cost of outsourcing a process may appear high – though the benefits such as freeing up time to deal with sales and service issues may still make the cost worthwhile.