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Outsourcing has become an easy and cost effective technique in today’s digital world. The developed countries prefer outsourcing their business processes to the top staffing companies in developing countries like BackStation, Inc. in the Philippines.



BackStation believes that engaged employees are happier, stay longer, and are more productive overall. Currently, though, only about  34% of the U.S. workforce feels engaged mainly from burnout.

Delegating work of your current employees at any level is one effective way to reduce burnout. When your team is stressed, everybody loses. Even when they do show up, excessively stressed employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthier. They’re also less productive and generators of negative company review.

We have a dedicated Human Resource team that aim is to combat burnout before it happens. Team members at all levels are encouraged to care for their mental, physical, and emotional health. Having the right kind of environment is actually motivating and good for productivity.


Our innovative staffing strategy is the most critical driver of top-line growth and candidate retention. Moving into 2019, companies need to look beyond improving staffing strategy at specific touch points and focus on optimizing the entire candidate experience. With AI integration, advanced trainings, and/or big data analytics, we help clients to realize improvements to strengthen their adaptability in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

This shift requires new approaches, processes, and technologies. Having a partner that specializes in delivering innovative recruitment strategies to market can make all the difference to your success. That’s where BackStation, Inc can help.

Focusing on the future—instead of rehashing past issues—demonstrates your commitment to moving forward. And that helps you find positive solutions.

We create new paths to reach your goals. We are proactive problem solvers, and we never stop to look for better ways to improve the way we do things. We are the launch pad to new ideas and have a proven track record of doing it. We let our success speak for itself. Let us help you achieve your goals without missing out on what’s important to you.



Backstation knows that healthy processes and management systems are fundamental to achieving success. This gives clients peace of mind that we deliver on our promises. From start to finish, clients have full transparency and involvement in the process. We always provide our clients the highest quality of service to achieve their company mission, vision and objectives. Not only will we provide a culture of excellence, we adhere to industry-recognized practices and processes for quality assurance.


We at BackStation believe that staff engagement is a direct result of a strong company culture. It refers to how employees feel about their culture and their jobs. The stronger a company’s culture, the better employees understand what is expected of them and what they’re working toward. Engaged employees are more likely to stay happy, motivated, and committed to your company.

Backstation is geared towards becoming the best with the help of professional employees. Our employee attrition rate is half the industry average. We invest heavily in our employees’ well-being and happiness. Our clients benefit from a workforce that has a deep institutional knowledge of your business earned over time. We are a team of amazingly trained and collaborative individuals who aim to be the best in their field and are set up for long-term success. We are excited to help you do the work at your level of satisfaction.


We can make things easier for you. Call us now and we’ll tell you how