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  • Health Care Support

  • Medical providers face a number of challenges to their financial health. Some are obligated to take patients who cannot pay or can only pay through government sponsored plans such as Medicare or Medicaid, whose rates are set by the government at levels below cost. Each insurance carrier has its own set of processes to contend


    • Medical Claims Processing
    • Members Services (Contact Center)
    • Eligibility Verification
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Medical Billing Outsourcing
    • Medical Coding Outsourcing
    • Medical Transcription
    • Patient Services (Contact Center)
      • Customer Phone Support
        Email Support
        Helpdesk Support
        Live Chat
    • Technical Support
    • Clinical Research

  • Back Office Support

    • Phone answering systems
    • Fax Processing
    • Document Processing
    • Data Entry
    • Research Administrative Support
    • Bills Processing


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