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Giving Your Freelancer Bonuses

Giving Your Freelancer Bonuses

Everyone loves bonuses, including your workforce. Encouraging and rewarding your freelance staff with rewards and bonuses is an effective way to motivate your workforce and getting the best out of them in terms of quality and quantity of work. There are many types of bonuses you can give your staff including traditional cash bonuses, free merchandise or discounts, memberships and corporate gifts. Depending on what type of business you are will determine the availability of you to access these gifts.

1. Cash Bonuses – Freelancers love cash bonuses. Many Bonuses, like a traditional cash bonus are immediate, while other bonuses can be more long-term like the promise of more work. If you are working with a highly skilled freelancer, for example, a copywriter who has the capability of creating a lot of revenue for you, then it’s possible to arrange something different. If a particular promotion that you have been running has been more successful than you anticipated due to the high quality of the freelancer’s work, then consider offering them a slice of that. Many businesses operate on this principle of rewarding their important outsourcers by letting them share in the profits. And obviously this is an excellent way to motivate them to give you their best work.

Bonuses can be planned based on goals set at the beginning of the project, or they can be spontaneous rewards for above-expectations work.

2. Free merchandise or great discounts. When you are in sales, consider the fact that you could offer your freelancer great discounts on services you provide or simply free merchandise. When you are also a service provider, you could offer free or reduced-rate services (like a web designer helping a valued content writer to design her blog. Another great reward would be free advertising for the outsourcer on your website. Rewarding them by increasing their profile is an excellent way to recognize their importance and contribution to your business.

3. Membership. If your business has an excellent product or service that is only accessible by paid membership and if your provider is interested, then consider offering him a free one-year membership or a discounted lifetime membership. While you may lose some money consider the fact that you may be gaining the excellent services of an outsourcer you require for a long time.

4. Corporate Gifts. Finally a corporate gift is an excellent way for you to show your freelancers that they are truly a part of the company. You didn’t buy all those monogrammed pens, magnets, notepads, and cups so they could sit around on a shelf! Use them to reward good work. Your provider will feel grateful for your thoughtfulness and effort, and you’ll get some inexpensive advertising out of it.

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