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Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services to India

Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services to India

A call centre is a service company which provides operator-assisted voice services. It is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. These calls are termed as outbound and inbound calls respectively. Inbound calls are calls that are made by the consumer to obtain information, report a malfunction, or ask for help. These calls are substantially different from outbound calls, where call center agents place calls to potential customers mostly with intentions of selling services to the individual.

In this article we will be basically discussing about Outbound Call Center Services. Outbound call centers provide services, which are outbound in nature, like providing telemarketing or appointment filling services. The following is some of the outbound call center services that can be outsourced to India:

o Telemarketing

o Database Selling

o Direct Mail Follow-up

o Appointment fixing

o Deal closing support

o Dynamic order filling services

o Customer satisfaction surveys

o Payment reminder

o Debt Collection

o Credit card verification solutions

o Outsourcing program notice

o Advertising and brand management solutions

o Business correspondence assistance

o Registration and confirmation functions to a call center

o Market Intelligence

o Database Selling

o Direct Mail Follow-up

o Lead Generation Services Qualification Management

o Seminar Population

o Product Promotion

o Information and Literature Fulfillment

o Decision Maker Contacts

o Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns

o Surveys

Outsourcing is beneficial for the organizations as it is cost effective and the energy of business can be directed at the competencies of a particular business. It is also beneficial in terms of making more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources.

India has become an ideal location for outsourcing business primarily because the same services with the same level of quality are offered in India for a much lower cost in comparison to other countries. It saves hidden cost like training, overheads and saves infrastructure cost which can eat up your investment. Organizations don’t have to spend on setting up the right kind of technology and later maintaining it.

The prime advantage of outsourcing in India is that as it has a large number of manpower available which is educated and is fluent in English. People work for lesser salary in comparison to European countries, and are more hardworking. Due to India becoming a hub of outsourcing business – availability of skilled labor is getting easier day by day.

The organization that is willing to outsource do not have to develop the competencies in the area which they want to outsource. The outsourcing organization already has expertise available for their business and work by providing greater efficiency and quality which results in providing faster services to customers and in term resulting into higher customer satisfaction rate. India also gets benefit from time zone which enables faster work for customers.

India’s democracy and stable government along with an inclination toward IT development and open door policy also makes it inviting choice. India also has a large pool of highly technical skilled manpower which enables these outsourcing organizations to be technically excellent, which in turn helps in providing high quality solutions.

Last but not least the prime reason of the growth of outsourcing business is that an organization which is outsourcing becomes free to concentrate on core business functions and can reap high amount of profit by directing energies on these areas only.

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