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Pros and Cons of Recruitment Outsourcing

Pros and Cons of Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruitment is a process where you screen, evaluate and welcome a candidate onboard. Although the definition sounds simple, the process in itself is quite complicated. There are many challenges that you may encounter which you may be able to overcome or fail at. Failing to overcome recruitment challenges can cost you and your business heavily. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a service that is fast becoming a trend and advantageous for small to large scale businesses. However, with benefits also come disadvantages of the service you procure. Before we move on to the pros and cons of this process, let us first know what recruitment outsourcing is.

Recruitment outsourcing is a process in which a third party vendor is given the responsibility of acquiring the required personnel for your company. The vendor who provides workforce procurement outsourcing services is responsible for the designing and managing of the entire recruitment process. They also take the responsibility of achieving or not achieving your set targets. Now that we have an idea of what this service is, let us discuss its pros and cons.

Advantages of recruitment outsourcing solutions

Reduces cost

Recruitment outsourcing comes with one major benefit of ‘cost reduction’. Many a times in-house recruitment proves to be far more costly than is expected, which can be greatly reduced by adopting RPO for your personnel needs.. You can pay your outsourcing partner based on your requirement or on a monthly basis. In order to avoid hiring the wrong person, you can ensure that the vendor providing you with RPO solutions hires only skilled and trained personnel. Recruitment outsourcing solution can also aid in avoiding the cost behind bad hiring.

Improved quality

Hiring skilled and trained personnel through recruitment outsourcing reduces the learning curve greatly leading to a productive workforce early on after hiring. This in turn has a significant impact of the over-all turnaround of your business. Outsourcing recruitment services can lead to improved ability to create and manage workforce planning.

Proactive recruitment implementation

Workforce Procurement outsourcing can prove to be beneficial for you as it can improve your hiring decisions and helps in increasing retention. Outsourcing your recruitment activities can reduce time spend after hiring the required candidates and management stress.

Disadvantages of RPO

Recruitment outsourcing may prove disadvantageous for organizations whose outsourcing partners do not have a well-defined hiring strategy. As a result, your needs may not be fulfilled leading to failure of your outsourcing strategy. If you, as an enterprise, also do not have a planned strategy for the recruitment activities, it may also result in failure of recruitment outsourcing solutions.

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