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The Many Different Types of Office Space

The Many Different Types of Office Space

When starting a business there are many important factors that need to be considered, from funding to staffing it is a huge undertaking. And then there is the problem of location; where do you want your business to be situated? What kind of space will you need to run your new company successfully? Will you need any office support when you start out? And importantly what kind of investment do you want to make? There are numerous options available from short term lease to purchasing an office of your own. Here we will discuss the advantages of these choices to help any prospective business owner make the right choice for them.

Home Offices

Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees, and the requirement to hold face to face meetings with clients it might initially be appropriate to work from a home office space. This would dramatically reduce costs in the initial stages of a business start up and allow you the flexibility to decide what office environment is best for you as your company grows.

Managed Offices

Managed offices, often referred to as serviced office space is a good stepping stone when starting a business. These are office environments that are managed by another company, allowing you to rent a single office that suits your needs within their buildings. Serviced offices can be found across a wide range of locations and are frequently found in town and city centres, such as the office space Oxford that we viewed. One of the many benefits of managed offices is the lack of investment required; the offices are rented on relatively short term contracts and come with office furniture provided.

Virtual Offices

Virtual office spaces are often adopted by companies who work in a variety of locations. This allows a company to have one centralised office whilst also maintaining a presence within other locations, such as the impression of also working within an office space in Bracknell, without the cost of traditional office spaces. This option offers flexibility whilst still maintaining the business’s professionalism.

Purchasing Office Space

You could also consider purchasing, or purchasing a long term lease on office area. Whilst being a lot more costly and requiring a much larger investment this option often gives long term savings and increased flexibility in relation to the control you have over what you do to the interior design of your office. This option if often adopted once a business has been running for some period of time due to the investment required.

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