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Understanding Telemarketing Advantage

Understanding Telemarketing Advantage

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the process of marketing goods, advertising services or customer service over the telephone. It is classified into two; inbound and outbound telemarketing. Inbound telemarketing is any incoming sales or service from viewers and listeners who want to order the advertised product or ask for more information. Some inbound applications are order taking, customer service, help desk and many more. An outbound telemarketing on the other hand, is the practice of making phone calls to prospects or existing customers done by a marketing person. Some outbound telemarketing applications include phone sales, appointment setting, lead generation and many more.

Knowing the Advantage

When you hear the word telemarketing, the first thing that gets into your mind would be a telephone or sometimes, a telephone ringing, right? But when you hear the phone rings, your usual reaction definitely is to answer it. You can’t deny the fact that the ringing of the phone alone would get your attention instantly and you would seldom ignore it.

Radio promotions and advertisement including billboards, newspaper and magazine ads or even direct mail demand slight or no interest at all. It can be forgotten once you have heard it, read it or seen it. They can all be disregarded and ignored but not telemarketing. Telemarketing acquires an immediate answer. This is the primary advantage of telemarketing. With this advantage, telemarketing establishes a conversation right away. Having a two-way communication is very productive. It is easier for the client to get the message or understand the product and the most important of it is that all questions can be answered promptly. It can even lead to a sale in an instant.

Another advantage of telemarketing is that telemarketing is available 24/7 at 365 days a year. With this kind of service, telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects’ questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections. It is also the only marketing medium that allows you to adjust and make any changes with the strategy anytime necessary to increase results. An example of this is constantly changing or editing your sales script. You can even change your calling hours. This can be done as long as you gain results with it which results into another breakthrough, flexibility.

Understanding the Advantage

With its availability and commitment, telemarketing provides client with direct response and essential information that can be promptly scrutinized. Telemarketing is definitely flexible, definitely practical because it provides you with never-ending opportunities and possibilities to increase and enhance your business. Having these advantages proves that telemarketing is truly an ultimate marketing instrument.

Source by Rosette Siriban

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